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Currently, Children make up 24% of the population of Vietnam, this is a young human resource and the future generation of the country. Therefore, the protection and care of children is always a matter of special concern of both families and society. Today, when the living environment is polluted alarmingly, it is more and more difficult to protect children, especially the daily living water source is seriously polluted. Surveys in a number of preschools and primary schools showed that the domestic water sources of the schools all had high levels of iron and manganese index, the number of water samples contaminated with microorganisms, mainly intestinal bacteria. It is the main cause of diarrhea and intestinal disorders in young children.

In order to develop a healthy and quality young generation of Vietnam, it is the responsibility of each of us to provide a safe and clean water source. With the desire to create a clean water source for students to use at all levels from kindergarten to high school, vocational high school, our company is providing the solution “Water drink from the tap ” meets the standards of clean drinking water of the Ministry of Health. Compared to the form of bottled drinking water purchased from outside without knowing the production process and water quality, with the solution “Water clean drink at the tap” has a closed installation process, the water quality is periodically tested to meet hygiene standards food safety regulations.

The solution “Clean drinking water at the faucet” uses a pure water purifier system with RO technology, which is the latest and most advanced technology applied for all water purifiers used in domestic and medical activities today. The water through the RO membrane system is then disinfected with Ozone and UV lamps before being put into the container to be transmitted to the faucet points for direct drinking. With the use of RO reverse osmosis filtration technology, the RO membrane gap size is only 1/1000 micron, resulting in a completely pure water product, eliminating 99% of bacteria, viruses, heavy metal ions and impurities. Organic impurities – provide pure water in accordance with the standards of sterilized water as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. The central filter system has a large capacity of 100-300L/h, so it always ensures the amount of drinking water for students to be used 24h/7day.

We are committed to quality, ensuring that we will bring trust to schools, students and parents when using the solution “Clean drinking water at the faucet” from us.

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“Health is not everything, but without health everything else loses its meaning”

According to former World Health President Erin Miles

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Bui thao nguyen
Ha Noi

Pandora’s quality and clean water system gives us peace of mind when giving our children water at school.

le tri thong
Ha Noi

I am completely assured of my child’s health when the school is equipped with a school clean water system of Pandora company.

Vu Trung Thanh Ngoc
Lang Son

Quality assurance of medical standards, modern technological equipment, attentive and reliable service is what I mean by Pandora’s school clean water system.

Tran Ngoc Nguyen
Gia lai

Since the day I switched to Pandora’s school clean water system, I have always felt reassured that the health of my students is guaranteed.

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